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Helping Hands
Animal Sitting

Veteran Owned,
Insured, Bonded &
First Aid Certified

Offering a safe, comfortable alternative to boarding

House Sitting Services
for Small & Large Animals


We are Amanda & Evan Strickland. We are passionate about animals and have quite a few rescues that have found their furever home with us; everything from horses, donkeys, turkeys, guineas, hens and more! In addition to our large outdoor animals, we have 3 great danes and a cat. We believe in taking time to earn an animal's trust especially when they need  patience, extra time & attention.



FREE meet & greet!
Let us come meet you and your pets/animals in the comfort of your home to evaluate your needs and see your routine.

Daily Visits

 Based on the routines you have already established with your pets/animals, we can offer different types of visits. We can provide that chance to roam outside, play fetch, go for a walk or a feeding. We can schedule a drop in visit for any of these needs up to 4x/day. This allows for coverage of all feedings and adequate potty breaks as if you were home for all times except when you would sleep through the night.


Overnight Stays

We can offer overnight stays for your next trip so you can have the peace of mind that your animals have constant care while you're away. We love to keep you updated as much as you want with how they're doing so your time away can be carefree. Overnight sitters provide concierge-level care providing round-the-clock care with limited breaks away from the home. As such, overnight care is scheduled based on availability.

We don't believe in charging per animal, especially since we are tailored to meet the needs of homes with numerous animals.  Whether you have a pack of dogs or a barn full of critters...we will evaluate the needs of your home and your location to determine a fair and more affordable, personalized quote. Then based on the dates of your travel, we'll match you with an available sitter with the right skill set to care for everyone you need.


-Just A Few Of Our Clients-



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Service Hours 24/7
Office Hours Mon-Sat 8am-6pm

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